3Wheels Electric Scooter Review GL110 GOLDEN LITERIDER

3-Wheels Electric Scooter Review – Is Golden Technologies GL110 Golden LiteRider for You?

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How to gain independence and go around running errands and enjoy tours of the park without a helper? One of the solutions I’ve discovered recently is Golden Technologies GL110 Golden LiteRider. If you contemplate whether it could be the right solution for you, read my review of this 3-wheels electric scooter to decide whether it matches your needs, requirements, and preferences.

Design and Capacity

The tubular metal frame of the scooter is sturdy and appears resistant to both hits and the taste of time. I have to admit that I like the glossy paint finish quite a lot. It doesn’t scratch and makes the unit extremely easy to clean. I’m also a fan of the three 9-inch wheels, the two rear ones, and the front one. They are big and wide so you can expect a truly smooth ride even for a rougher terrain. This is something which I wanted to emphasize in my 3-wheels electric scooter review.

GL110 Golden LiteRider’s capacity is on the large side – 300 pounds. This is perfectly sufficient for a big guy like me. Generally, when buying a scooter or a similar vehicle like the Upgraded Compact Mid-Wheel power chair, for example, you must always pay attention to the capacity first.

3-Wheels Electric Scooter Review: Is The GL110 Golden LiteRider Comfortable?

This model has a wide variety of features contributing to the comfort of the user and this is something worth noting in every 3-wheels electric scooter review. The tiller’s height is adjustable so someone tall like me will never have to lean down to drive the scooter. Besides, it has ergonomic handles which are quite comfy.

The seat is one of my favorite features of this unit given its heavily padded seat and backrest. The seat is 17 inches wide so even a bigger person won’t feel squeezed. The backrest has an ergonomic design which allows for breathability too. The seat’s height is adjustable so it will surely fit your needs.

The floor is sufficiently long and wide and this is something which every user will appreciate. That is why I point it out in my 3-wheels electric scooter review. The rugged mat improves the level of safety, especially on wet days. While the front basket may not be the biggest, it’s one of the most convenient features of the model.

Does It Perform Well?

The short answer is yes. The motor is very powerful and delivers power to the rear wheels smoothly. The GL110 Golden LiteRider can reach a speed of 5 miles per hour which is comparable to what the other popular scooters have to offer. It has a maximum incline rating of 6 degrees while it’s turning radius is 39 degrees.

The controls are quite simple and intuitive. I personally find the steering to be quite pleasant and I’d like to highlight this in my GL110 Golden LiteRider review. The bright LED light ensures perfect visibility even when it gets dark outside.

The Battery Life Evaluated

When the 22 AH batteries are fully charged, this scooter gets a travel range of 12 miles. This makes it one of the best performers based on this criterion which is something that every 3-wheels electric scooter review should mention. The battery charging point is on the tiller so it’s easily accessible. You can also remove the batteries and charge them elsewhere if necessary.

Notable Downsides?

The only thing which I don’t like about this model is the pair of armrests. They could be wider and have paddings like the seat and the backrest. Still, they provide the required support and I want to note this in my 3-wheels electric scooter review.

Should You Buy It?

This 3-wheels electric scooter review finds the model to be well-built and comfortable. It’s a fabulous performer too. If you need a to distinguish between GL110 Golden LiteRider and other electric scooters, feel free to go through my other reviews. Or, get more details and read more reviews on Scooternchairs.

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