How to Buy the Best Mobility Scooter 2018 – Top 3 Reviews and Tips

When purchasing a personal mobility device, you are making a long-term investment. That is why it makes sense to search for the best mobility scooter 2018. As a person with great experience in shopping for scooters, I did extensive research and came up with the top 3 options. Check out my reviews of these models to make the best choice for you.

Best Mobility Scooter 2018

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If you take trips out of town often, this may be the best mobility scooter for you. It is a travel model disassembling into five pieces, with the heaviest one, which is the base, weighing 40 pounds. The tiller folds close to the base and the backrest of the seat is also foldable, making it possible to arrange the pieces in a compact way for transportation and storage. You should find it easy to fit them in the trunk of most sedans.

A key thing worth noting is that because of its sealed batteries, you can use Drive Medical Spitfire Ex on a plane. The scooter is suitable primarily for indoor use, but you can also ride it outdoors on flat and smooth surfaces. The 3-wheel design makes it more maneuverable and gives you extra space for the feet which I like very much. When it comes to the technical details, this model can accommodate a user weighing up to 300 pounds.

wheelchair featuresFeatures

To decide if this is the best mobility scooter 2018 on your list, you should look at its features:

Swivel stadium seat – The swivel design makes getting on and off the scooter easy and quick for the user. The seat has good ergonomics and sufficiently thick padding to be very comfortable.

Padded armrests – You can adjust their width for maximum comfort. They are easy to flip up when needed.

Adjustable delta tiller – You can position it at an angle that enables you to relax on the seat and have firm grip of the wraparound handles, which make it possible for your wrists to rest while operating the scooter.

Ergonomic throttle control – You’ll find it easy to operate this scooter even if you don’t have the highest dexterity or greatest strength.

LED headlight – It’s incredibly useful in case there’s a power outage or you can’t reach the light switch.

Carry basket – It’s larger than what you will find in most model and it’s within easy reach when you are seated. I find the removable linger bag to make grocery shopping even more convenient.

Armrest carry bag – I think it’s perfect for keeping your personal belonging such as your mobile phone. This is a clever feature you can expect to find in the best mobility scooter 2018.

wheelchair performancePerformance

You can expect the motor and electromagnetic brakes to work reliable at all times. The flat-free non-marking tires are also dependable and hardwearing at the same time. The top speed of 4 mph is more than sufficient when you use the scooter indoors and even outdoors. Thanks to the 21AH batteries, the travel range is 15 miles. This is terrific for a personal mobility device in the travel category.


  • Quick disassembly
  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to operate
  • Fabulous travel range
  • Great storage options


  • The armrests are somewhat thin.

verdictThe Verdict

Drive Medical Spitfire Ex with 21AH batteries is an almost perfect 3-wheel scooter with its comfy seat, clever features and excellent performance. It’s a strong candidate for the title of best mobility scooter 2018.

2. Shoprider Sunrunner Four Wheel Personal Travel Scooter

Best Mobility Scooter 2018

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One of the key things which every buyer wants to find in the best mobility scooter 2018 is a comfortable seat. This is something that this model has to offer, but it isn’t its only advantage. It has 300-pound capacity which is standard for personal mobility devices.

Shoprider Sunrunner is designed primarily outdoor use and for doing the shopping and running errands in the most comfortable way, but it may also be possible to ride it at home. A key thing I’d like to point out is that this unit cannot be quickly disassembled for transportation, making it a suitable choice for those looking to have rides around the neighborhood.

wheelchair featuresFeatures

When evaluating Shoprider Sunrunner to decide if it could be the best mobility scooter 2018 for you, consider the following features:

Sliding and swivel captain seat – It makes mounting and dismounting the scooter super convenient. You can also adjust the seat’s height for the most comfortable ride. I’m a fan of the thick padding and the smooth upholstery.

Adjustable headrest – This is one of my favorite features and generally you’d expect the best mobility scooter 2018 to have it. It’s exceptionally well-designed.

Headlight package – If you spend a long time shopping and it gets dark outside, you can return home safely thanks to the bright headlight.

Mirror and adjustable tiller – You’ll never have to strain your back and arms to operate the scooter.

Front basket – I think its size makes it perfectly suitable for grocery shopping. It is conveniently positioned, so you won’t have to put extra effort in placing items inside.

Carpeted floor – It feels nice, but requires extra maintenance.

wheelchair performancePerformance

The rugged 10-inch wheels of Shoprider Sunrunner allow it to perform excellently on smooth hard surfaces, but you should not be afraid of riding it on stone or gravel terrains. The motor and brakes work perfectly. The controls are simple and don’t require effort to use. The top speed of 5 mph is more than reasonable when you ride your scooter around the busy streets or supermarket aisles.

Thanks to the powerful 12V 35AH batteries, you can ride this personal mobility device for 25 miles when they are fully charged. This is more than impressive and can easily make this model the best mobility scooter 2018 for someone with a zest for long outdoor trips.


  • Super comfortable
  • Intuitive operation
  • Great for shopping
  • Impressive travel range
  • Safe and dependable


  • Wraparound handles would be more comfortable to use.

verdictThe Verdict

Shoprider Sunrunner is not only super comfortable for daily use. It’s also reliable and practical. It can easily be the best mobility scooter 2018 for the average user.

3. Pride Mobility PURSUIT XL PMV SC714 Pride Electric Scooter

Best Mobility Scooter 2018

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The design of this scooter is inspired by ATVs, so you can expect to go virtually anywhere with it. This is an all-terrain model which performs excellently on grass, gravel and dirt paths as well as on the paved streets in the city. It may be the best mobility scooter for someone who enjoys more extreme outings than trips to the local park.

Pride Mobility PURSUIT XL PMV is a heavy-duty personal mobility vehicle made for users who weigh up to 400 pounds. This is welcome news for people who are simply too big for the traditional personal mobility devices. The vehicle itself is large and quite heavy and isn’t designed to be disassembled fast for transportation and storage, meaning you will have to find a place to park it.

wheelchair featuresFeatures

My Pride Mobility PURSUIT XL PMV will focus on each major feature individually:

Reclining high back seat – It is big and has thick padding to give you the most comfortable ride. The headrest is also large and this is yet another factor helping to make this model a major contended for becoming the best mobility scooter 2018.

Infinitely-adjustable delta tiller – You can easily set it at the ideal position for you and enjoy the great support and relaxation which the wraparound handles give you. Steering this scooter is a breeze.

Microprocessor-based controller – This makes operating the personal mobility vehicle even more intuitive, while increasing the level of safety.

Full lighting package – There are even directional signals enabling you to ride this personal mobility device safely even on the busiest city streets.

Front carry basket – It isn’t one of the largest you will find in personal mobility devices, but it is convenient to use, given its position.

Accessory bundle – Each item in it is super useful. The rear basket is great for grocery shopping, while the armrest bag is ideal for personal belongings. The cup holder and cooler cup are invaluable when you go on longer trips. The vinyl cover does a great job in protecting the scooter.

wheelchair performancePerformance

This is one area where Pride Mobility PURSUIT XL PMV truly stands out and this can help to make it the best mobility scooter 2018. You get front and rear suspension paired with 13-inch pneumatic tires. The result is very smooth ride even when the terrain is somewhat rough. After all, comfort is essential for the users of personal mobility devices.

The motor is quite powerful and works reliably enabling you to reach a maximum speed of 8.5 mph. This is a very high speed in the world of personal mobility devices and users with experience will notice the difference. As I mentioned before, you’ll find it effortless to operate this scooter. All systems including the braking one work dependably.

This model is equipped with large 24 group batteries which give you a travel range of 28 miles after you’ve charged them fully. You can explore the outdoors or have long trips in the city any day. The batteries charge quite quickly and this is another advantage.


  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Awesome performer
  • Terrific travel range
  • Rugged and durable
  • Fully accessorized


  • Not much room for the user’s feet.

verdictThe Verdict

If you want to have pretty much everything in a personal mobility vehicle, then Rugged and durable could be the best mobility scooter for you.

Deciding on the Best Mobility Scooter 2018

The first factor which will determine your choice is how you will be using the scooter. Look at your lifestyle to decide whether you’d prefer a model of indoor use or one which will enable you to take daily trips around the neighborhood and possibly the local nature park. The other key factors to take into account include comfort, convenience, ease of operation and travel range. Now you are ready to decide on the best mobility scooter 2018.

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