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Choosing the Best Mobility Scooter for Travel from the Top 3

As a person who loves vacations and visiting friends and family, I know how important it is to find the best mobility scooter for travel. I’m meticulous when searching for the ideal mobility device, so I focused on several key factors – size when stored, weight and portability. Comfort and smooth performance are equally important, however, as you can expect to use the scooter for at least several hours a day. My search led me to three great models. Check out their reviews to make a decision.

mobility scooter for travel Transformer Automatic

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The first thing which I want to discuss this personal mobility device is that it folds and unfolds automatically, meaning you don’t need a caregiver to help you with the task. What’s more, when folded, it’s about the size of a big luggage. It will fit in the back of a car and you can readily take it with you if you travel by plane, bus, train or boat. With its weight of 54 pounds, it’s one of the lightest mobility scooters you can find.

What’s the best news for me is the capacity of 300 pounds. Given how small and lightweight Transformer is, it’s impressive that it can be used even by heavier people.


The key features which you should look at when deciding if this is the best mobility scooter for travel include:

Stadium seat – It has great ergonomics, sufficiently thick padding and nice upholstery to give you comfort.

Delta tiller – The wrap-around handles give you a better grip and allow your wrists to rest reducing the tension in them.

Remote control – You just need to push the button to have the scooter fold and unfold respectively.

Lithium battery – It’s known for its long useful life and quick charging without memory issues.

Accessory set – The cane and cup holder are well-made and quite useful to have.


Because of its compact design and small, but sturdy wheels, you can ride this contender for the title of best mobility scooter for travel both outdoors and indoors which is a major advantage. The motor runs smoothly, while the controls and braking system work reliably. The top speed of 3.75 mph is reasonable given that this personal mobility device performs best on smooth surfaces. When fully charged, the dependable battery will enable you to cover a distance of up to 13.7 miles which is awesome given the model’s design and size.


  • Automatic folding and unfolding
  • Super compact and light
  • Excellent battery
  • Quite versatile
  • Strong and reliable


  • The amount of legroom isn’t great.

Transformer Automatic Foldable Lithium Powered Travel Scooter best mobility scooter for travel verdictThe Verdict

When deciding if Transformer may be the best mobility scooter for travel, keep in mind that it has excellent portability.

2. Travel Pro 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride

Travel Pro best mobility scooter

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If you are looking for a basic personal mobility device which can match the needs of frequent travelers and their budget quite well, this model deserves your close attention. The 3-wheel design makes the scooter quite compact and maneuverable at the same time. It measures just 37 by 22.2 inches. Bigger people like me will be happy to discover that the unit can be used by people weight as much as 275 pounds.
While it doesn’t fold, the mobility scooter can be easily disassembled into 5 pieces which are very light – the heaviest one weighs 27.5 pounds. When disassembled, it takes so little space that it can fit in the trunk of a sedan of an average size. Take this into account when selecting the best mobility scooter for travel.

Travel Pro 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter by Pride best mobility scooter for travel featuresFeatures

The most important features of Travel Pro include:

Height-adjustable seat – The stadium style, fabulous ergonomics, and adjustable height make it very comfortable for the user.

Tiller with height and position adjustment – It makes steering super easy. Besides, the delta style of the tiller helps to reduce wrist fatigue.

Storage basket – It is easily accessible and a practical feature to have.


Because of the big tires and rugged wheels, this scooter can give you a nice ride even on grass or gravel. Indoor use is always an option too. The motor and braking system work excellently. When deciding if this could be the best mobility scooter for travel, take into account the fact that it is highly maneuverable and super easy and convenient to steer and to park with its forward and reverse control. The top speed of 4 mph is more than sufficient for general use. I agree that the travel range of 6.3 miles isn’t the strongest side of this model, but this is reasonable for daily use.


  • Compact design
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Convenient to store
  • Comfortable seat
  • Hassle-free steering


  • Larger range would be nice to have.

verdictThe Verdict

You can take Travel Pro anywhere with you no matter whether you travel by car, plane or another means of transport. It will serve you well every day and this is another reason why it may be the best mobility scooter for travel.

3. Drive Medical Zoome Flex Ultra Compact Folding Travel 4 Wheel Scooter

Drive Medical Zoome

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The flex folding design makes this personal mobility device ready for travel in seconds. With a length of 37 inches and width of 18 inches, it is one of the most compact of its kind both when folded and unfolded. You can take it with you anywhere you go.

The weight capacity of 275 pounds is great for such a small scooter. The four-wheel design makes it more stable. Stability is something very important to consider when looking for the best mobility scooter for travel.

Drive Medical Zoome Flex Ultra Compact Folding Travel 4 Wheel Scooter best mobility scooter for travel featuresFeatures

Take a closer look at the key features of Drive Medical Zoome Flex:

Automatically folding seat – It measures 16.5 by 15 inches, so it isn’t the largest which you can find, but it’s quite comfortable thanks to the great lumbar support, padding, and breathability. The armrests are adjustable and padded and this brings you greater comfort.

Throttle control – It makes steering exceptionally easy, even for people who aren’t very skilled.

Delta tiller – I like it because it gives you a firm grip on the handles which support your wrists to give you greater comfort and therefore confidence when steering.

Shrouds with protective finish – They work well to keep your feet protected when you are taking a ride and increase the durability of the unit.


Let me start with the anti-rip wheels and flat-free non-marking tires. They are perfect for smooth outdoor terrains and indoor carpeted areas, so you can use this personal mobility device practically anywhere. This is something that you’d want from the best mobility scooter for travel. The motor is sufficiently powerful to enable you to reach a maximum speed of 4 mph which is also just perfect for combined indoor and outdoor use. The 54-inch turning radius is pretty much standard for 4-wheel models, giving you good maneuverability. I’ve already mentioned the easy steering and I’d like to highlight the responsiveness of the braking system too. With this mobility scooter, you can cover a distance of up to 13 miles before battery recharging. I’m greatly impressed with this.


  • Extremely compact
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Quite versatile
  • Great travel range
  • Durable design


  • The armrests could be longer.

verdictThe Verdict

Drive Medical Zoome Flex could be the best mobility scooter for travel for those users looking for simplicity, convenience, and dependable performance.

Deciding on the Best Mobility Scooter for Travel

While portability is at the top of the set of criteria, you should also not forget about the so-called technical details with the first one being capacity. Pay attention to strength and durability too. After all, you’re making a long-term investment in the best mobility scooter for travel.

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