best wheelchair accessories

Best Wheelchair Accessories

It’s common for people to use their personal mobility device all day long. While modern manual and electric wheelchairs come with all sorts of bells and whistles, over time, users realize that they need something extra to make the most out of their wheelchairs. This is where the best wheelchair accessories come in.

It’s hard to discover the ideal items given that there are so many products competing for this desirable title. Based on my experience and research, I’ve compiled a list of the top options which are available to you right now. Read detailed and unbiased reviews of the best wheelchair accessories right now.

Best Wheelchair Accessories- PURAP clinical cushion

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This cushion is rightfully classified as a medical device, as it uses advanced technology based on fluid floatation in three dimensions to relieve back pain associated with prolonged sitting and with conditions such as sciatica. While I’ll review the features of this PURAP model in a few seconds, I have to mention its dimensions first – 18 by 20 by 1.5 inches. You should not worry if the cushion is a bit larger than the seat of your wheelchair as it will wrap around the edges snugly once you sit down.

It is worth noting that this one of the best wheelchair accessories is compatible with all the best electric wheelchairs, including Golden Technologies GL110 Golden LiteRider and EZ Lite Cruiser WX10. However, it has a smaller capacity compared to the standard one for power wheelchairs which is 300 pounds. This PURAP model is designed for people weighing no more than 250 pounds.

PURAP clinical cushion featuresFeatures

You can expect the best wheelchair accessories to have an abundance of useful features and this medical cushion does not disappoint. The main ones to pay attention to include:

3D fluid flotation technology – It works to disperse the pressure instead of shifting it from one zone to another. The technology is extremely effective at eliminating stiffness and lowering the risk of aches.

Anti-skid bottom – You should not worry about the cushion just slipping out of the seat. It will stay firmly in place.

Breathable and waterproof cover – The cushion helps to prevent skin shear as well as aches and stiffness. It has great breathability and cannot get soaked with and damaged by water.

Foam and air layers – These are used to give you additional comfort. People experiencing arthritis pain, in particular, will get relief from the typical numbness.


  • Thin and lightweight
  • Effective relief
  • Great breathability
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Limited color options

PURAP clinical cushion verdictThe Verdict

If you tend to experience stiffness, numbness and ache because of prolonged sitting and/or a medical condition that you have, you should certainly consider the PURAP medical cushion. It can help you effectively and serve you well for a long time to come. It is one of the best wheelchair cushions that you can find.

2. Monster Scooter Seatback Bag B1113

Best Wheelchair Accessories - Monster Scooter Seatback Bag B1113

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Many of the best wheelchairs come with storage space, but it is usually not sufficient, especially when you go out to do shopping. One notable example is the Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC scooter with its beautiful but small basket under the seat. There are also models like the Invacare Pronto P31 power wheelchair with semi-recline captain’s seat which have no storage compartments. In all of these cases, the Monster scooter seatback bag B1113 will come in handy.

It’s easy to understand why this bag is one of the best wheelchair bags. It measures 13 by 18 by 10 inches. The volume is sufficiently large to make the bag not only functional but quite versatile. It’s great for transporting the groceries from the store to your house and for collecting your dirty clothes and taking them to the laundry room.

A major reason why this Monster bag is among the best wheelchair bags is that it is suitable for both classic wheelchairs and scooters. You can readily use it with the Accessbuy electric power portable wheelchair or with Pride Mobility JAZZY600ES and you will get the same kind of functionality. If you use more than one wheelchair, you can expect the bag to match both. You just need to swap it. Just keep in mind that given its size, the bag can fit behind seats, whose back measures between 7 and 21 inches.

Monster Scooter Seatback featuresFeatures

It’s worth taking a closer look at the features of the Monster bag B1113 which include:

Adjustable straps – These are made of nylon, which has great durability. The adjustment is hassle-free and doesn’t require much effort.

Strong frame – The bag has a nice rectangular shape and keeps it even if you fit a lot of things in it. The frame makes it not only functional, but durable too.

Top cover – It does an excellent job in protecting the items that you transport. It has straps to fit snugly.

Water-resistant fabric – You should not worry about water running through the cover or sides and causing damage.


  • Large size
  • Highly versatile
  • Protects the transported items
  • Sturdy construction
  • Resistant to damage and wearing


  • The black color isn’t very nice

Monster Scooter Seatback verdictThe Verdict

The Monster B1113 bag is one of the best wheelchair accessories because it’s practical and durable.

3. Mosaic Roho Cushion 18 X 16

Best Wheelchair Accessories - Mosaic Roho Cushion

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Many of the best power wheelchairs and especially the lighter ones like EZ Lite Cruiser SX10 come with very basic cushions. At the same time, many people, me included, want more pampering. For all those in this group, the Mosaic Roho cushion is undoubtedly among the best wheelchair accessories. It has sleek modern design and a technology designed to give you maximum comfort. Its size of 18 by 16 inches matches the seats of practically all classic wheelchairs and scooters.

Mosaic Roho Cushion 18 X 16 featuresFeatures

The most notable features of the Mosaic Roho cushion are:

Air floatation technology – The core of the cushion is formed by a set of interconnected cells each measuring 3 inches. The technology works effectively for providing support and relieving pressure from the parts of the body which tend to get stiff and numb when you sit for a long time.

Washable cover – It feels nice to the touch and is quite breathable also. It gives you extra comfort while being very easy to maintain.

Inflation pump – This is an extremely useful accessory to have. You can easily inflate the cushion in line with your preferences.

Instruction manual – While you can use the Mosaic Roho cushion without reading it, it comes in handy when your goal is to achieve the highest level of comfort.


  • Sleek modern design
  • Greater comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Quite versatile
  • Hassle-free maintenance


  • Could have slight smell during the first few uses

Mosaic Roho Cushion 18 X 16 verdictThe Verdict

The Mosaic Roho cushion will make sitting for long hours a lot more comfortable. It is one of the best wheelchair accessories also because it is easy to keep in good condition over the long term.

Advice for Shoppers Planning to Buy the Best Wheelchair Accessories

You should outline your own requirements when you go shopping. Each accessory that you buy should not only do its job well but also be strong and durable and easy to use and to maintain. To get more details and reviews on the best wheelchair accessories, visit healthproductsforyou – click here.

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