Best Wheelchairs 2018

best wheelchairs 2018

Each person with impaired mobility wants to know which the best wheelchairs are. For me personally, the electric models lead the pack, because they give you complete independence without requiring any effort on your part or on the part of your caregiver. You can go wherever you want in the local area, without having to ask anyone for help.

The next logical thing is to decide on the best models in this category. I’ve come up with a list based on experience. Here are the reviews of the best wheelchairs which you can buy right now.


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Compact and inviting, this power wheelchair has a lot to offer in terms of comfort and convenience. It has a standard capacity of 300 pounds, meaning it could work well even for heavier people, myself included. The tubular frame design makes this one of the best wheelchairs lighter and sturdier at the same time. While LiteRider Envy GP162 is not among the lightest, it can be disassembled for easier transportation. The heaviest piece weighs 35 pounds, so it should be easy for a caregiver to do the loading and unloading.

 LITERIDER Envy GP162 Best Wheelchairs featuresFeatures

The main ones which deserve your attention are:

Full-size stadium seat – I’m particularly fond of the heavy cushioning of the seat and the ergonomic design and padding of the backrest.

Storage basket – It’s right under the seat, so it’s convenient to place items inside it. It is a functional feature to have, even though the storage space is limited.

Folding footrest – This makes mounting and dismounting the wheelchair much easier and quicker. I’d personally prefer the footrest to be longer and wider, but everyone’s different.

Big and wide drive wheels – They give stability to this mobility device and enable it to ride smoothly even on terrains which are far from smooth. The sturdy front casters play the same role too.

 LITERIDER Envy GP162 Best Wheelchairs performancePerformance

Even though it may not look like a top performer, it is safe to say that LiteRider Envy GP162 outshines most of its competitors in this regard. It has a very small turning radius – just 26 inches. This makes it quite maneuverable in tight spaces, so you can ride comfortably in your house, on paved sections of the yard, on the streets and on the pathways in the park.

It’s true that the maximum speed of 3.5 mph isn’t very high, but this is perfectly sufficient for city life. What matters more when choosing between the best wheelchairs is the riding range. For this model, the maximum is 15.5 miles which is more than impressive given its small size. The secret “weapon” of this power wheelchair is the set of two batteries that power it. They are reliable, just like the motor, and quick to charge.


  • Compact design
  • Comfortable seat
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Impressive maximum range
  • Reliable performer


  • The armrests don’t have thick padding

 LITERIDER Envy GP162 Best Wheelchairs verdictThe Verdict

LiteRider Envy GP162 is practical and offers the comfort which you require. It is a fabulous performer too. Given all this, it deserves to be among the best wheelchairs at present.

2. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

The best wheelchairs 2018 Drive Medical

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This mobility device has a classic wheelchair design and the capacity to give users with weight up to 300 pounds an effortless ride. The solid construction is a major plus of Drive Medical Cirrus Plus and makes it one of the best wheelchairs around. The unit weighs 151 pounds, but only 95 without the battery. Given this and its folding design, it’s safe to say that this model is a fine choice for those who travel a lot. Caregivers should find it easy to load the wheelchair into the trunk of a car.

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Best Wheelchairs featuresFeatures

You should pay close attention to the following features:

20-inch wide cushioned seat – Even if you are big like me, you should feel perfectly comfortable in this seat. The padded backrest adds greatly to the comfort.

Padded armrests – Their height can be adjusted to give you the best possible support. They are removable to make mounting and dismounting the wheelchair more convenient.

Swing-away footrests – Both users and caregivers will find the swinging function to be of great help. The heel loops offer excellent support and so does the band for the calves.

Storage bag – It’s at the back of the seat and is particularly convenient to use, even though it’s compact.

12.5 by 2.25-inch drive wheels with flat-free design – They are big and strong and allow the wheelchair to move smoothly even when the terrain is rougher. The big front casters help for this too.

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Best Wheelchairs performancePerformance

You can expect all of the best wheelchairs to have exceptional performance and Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is no exception to this rule. It has adjustable tension and dependable working motor and transmission. People who love going out a lot like me will appreciate the 15-mile travel range of this model. Additionally, its 33-inch turning radius makes it quite good at turning around corners. It glides effortlessly. The joystick is a joy indeed. It can be mounted at the length which is convenient to the user.


  • Folds quickly
  • Extremely versatile
  • Superb comfort and support
  • Excellent performance
  • Long travel range


  • Predominantly black color

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Best Wheelchairs verdictThe Verdict

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is one of the best wheelchairs because of its functional and comfortable design, the various adjustable features and the smooth operation.

3. Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair’

The best wheelchairs 2018 Pride Go-Chair

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This model has a capacity of 300 pounds and although it may seem bulky, it’s very compact. It is just 33 inches long. It can be easily disassembled and this makes it quite convenient to store and to transport.

Pride Go-Chair - Best Wheelchairs featuresFeatures

The features which you should pay the closest attention to when evaluating this one of the best wheelchairs are:

Stadium-style seat – It has great ergonomic design and thick padding. I find it to be highly comfortable.

Storage bins under the seat – These are very easy to reach and to open and although they seem compact, they can hold a lot of things.

Compactly folding footrest – I love the fact that it is both long and wide.

9-inch drive wheels – Their width is also great. With these factors combined, the wheels make Pride Go-Chair stable on various terrains.

Pride Go-Chair - Best Wheelchairs performancePerformance

This model is one of the best wheelchairs available because of its performance too. While it’s top speed of 3.7 mph isn’t very high, it is just right when it comes to maneuvering around people on the streets. This is a very easy task, actually, thanks to the extremely small turning radius of the model – just 25.4 inches. Going around the house is also hassle-free because of it. Given that the maximum range of Pride Go-Chair is 8.74 miles, it could be the best choice for indoor use and for outings in the neighborhoodAnd yet, if these are your elderly days, this wheelchair could be perfect for you.


  • Superb comfort
  • Great performance
  • Very convenient
  • Exceptionally maneuverable
  • Quick disassembly


  • The joystick is very sensitive to higher settings

Pride Go-Chair - Best Wheelchairs verdictThe Verdict

You can confidently consider getting the Pride Go-Chair if you are looking for a comfortable power wheelchair to use daily.

Making a Choice Between the Best Wheelchairs Right Now

To take the right decision, consider your individual needs in the first place – your level of mobility and how often you’d like to go out. Remember that comfort level which the seat offers is as important as the overall performance of the model. When picking the best wheelchairs, visit Amazon for more details and reviews.

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