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E-Wheels EW-36 Review – Is This the Coolest Mobility Scooter for Seniors Right Now?

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E-Wheels EW-36 Review – Is This the Coolest Mobility Scooter for Seniors Right Now?

If you are fascinated by the sleek scooters features in movies, you should certainly read this E-Wheels EW-36 review. This senior mobility scooter has one of the most impressive designs and stands out as a performer too. But is it the right match for you? Let’s find out.

Design and Capacity

This model is a 3-wheel scooter and its design is quite different from those of the traditional personal mobility devices for seniors. In fact, if it wasn’t for the large seat, you’d think that this is a model that the popular kids in high school would ride. The bright orange color is simply striking. The side mirrors remind me of those typical for the classic big motorbikes. The whole front section with the lamps and fender has an awesome aerodynamic design.

One of the most notable things about this model worth highlighting in my E-Wheels EW-36 review is that its capacity is 350 pounds. This is greater than what even the standard heavy-duty scooters and wheelchairs have to offer. The capacity of Go-Go Ultra X, for instance, is 260 pounds.

Comfortable Sitting?

The seat is large and ergonomically designed. It boasts of thick and well-made cushioning. The backrest offers excellent support. I’m totally in love with the adjustable headrest as it enables you to relax fully when riding. You are bound to forget about stiffness and pain in the neck. The armrests have great ergonomics too, but padding would make them perfect. I appreciate the large amount of legroom. You can never feel cramped when riding this scooter and I feel obliged to mention this in my EW-36 review.

The Practical Stuff

I’m more than happy with the anti-theft alarm which this scooter comes with. This is a rarely seen feature. The basket, on the other hand, is common. Still, I like this particular one because of its strong metal construction, the reliable cover and the large capacity.

In my E-Wheels EW-36 review I want to highlight the fact that this scooter is designed for seniors and may not be the perfect match for people with serious disabilities. While it has a seatbelt, it doesn’t come with additional features for support. Another thing which you should keep in mind is that it is designed primarily for outdoor use. It is not suitable for storing inside the house. You’d better keep it in the garage.

Smooth Ride?

The brushless electric motor of this mobility scooter is one of the most powerful in the range. Thanks to it, you can ride at a maximum speed of 18 mph. This is more than three times higher compared to what most personal mobility devices have to offer. The two rear shock absorbers and the big tires measuring 16 by 2.5 inches will give you a smooth ride even if the terrain is a bit rough.

You should find it easy to turn. In general, steering doesn’t require special skills or a lot of effort. The twist throttle is very easy to use. You will undoubtedly enjoy the variable speed control. The front and rear braking system work perfectly.

Battery Performance

I’m more than impressed with it and want to emphasize this in my EW-36 review. You can cover a distance of up to 45 miles when the battery is fully charged. This gives you even greater independence than you might have imagined.

Any Cons?

The only thing which I do not like about this scooter is that the storage basket is attached to the back of the seat where it’s not very easy to reach. Still, this isn’t a big problem at all.


The verdict of my E-Wheels EW-36 review is that this is a super sleek, reliable and comfortable mobility scooter. Visit Scooternchairs for more information and reviews.

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