EZ Lite Cruiser Review

EZ Lite Cruiser Review – Can this Power Wheelchair Match Your Lifestyle?

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EZ Lite Cruiser Review

In the past, you could pick between power scooters and mechanical wheelchairs, but now there is a new breed – power wheelchairs. Here I will share my impressions from EZ Lite Cruiser which falls into this unique category to help you decide if it could be the right choice for you. Read my EZ Lite Cruiser review now.

Capacity and Weight

The maximum capacity of this power wheelchair is 264 pounds. This is comparable to what KD Smart Chair has to offer. EZ Lite Cruiser weighs just 50 pounds because it is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. This material is very strong and doesn’t rust or corrode so you can expect the wheelchair to have a long useful life. Another factor which contributes to this is the good welding of the components.

This model folds very easily and quickly and this is something which every EZ Lite Cruiser review should mention. It is extremely compact when folded so it’s easy to stick it in the trunk of a car or SUV. This is surely great news for caregivers, in particular.

Is the Seat Comfy?

In my opinion, it is. It has sufficiently thick padding and breathable upholstery. These are essential factors for comfort. The depth is good and so is the width. Even taller people won’t feel cramped given the considerable distance between the seat and the footrest, which is of a very good size. The backrest has great ergonomic design and offers all the required support. This is something which I’d like to highlight in my EZ Lite Cruiser review. The armrests are sufficiently wide and long and have nice padding.

Are Trips Smooth?

Yes, they are, but I want to elaborate on this. The 8-inch rear wheels are wide and rubberized and the result is excellent traction. The front ones allow for great maneuverability. In fact, the turning radius of this model is just around 33 inches which makes it one of the most maneuverable currently available in the market. This is something worth mentioning in every EZ Lite Cruiser review. If you will navigate around tight corners, this power wheelchair may be just right for you.

The motor works quietly and without glitches. You should find steering very easy given the well-designed joystick. It can be mounted on the armrest of your choice. This is naturally more than convenient.

Battery Life Assessment

This power wheelchair comes with a lithium-ion phosphate battery which holds more power than a regular one. This is obvious from the range of the model – over 10 miles. If you want to double it, you can add a second battery which is sold separately. I personally don’t see the need for this, but everyone’s different. The battery is convenient to charge and this doesn’t take long. Since there is no memory issue to worry about, you can charge it whenever you deem fit for as long as you want.

Any Notable Cons?

The one thing which I don’t like about this power wheelchair is that its footrest is flat and smooth. This makes it slippery so the choice of shoes for outings becomes quite important. This isn’t a huge drawback, however, and I want to point this out. You can check out the deluxe version in my EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe review.

Final Thoughts

Does this EZ Lite Cruiser review recommend the power wheelchair? It has a long list of notable advantages: lightweight, compact design, convenient steering, great maneuverability and comfortable riding. At the same time, it doesn’t have major flaws. Check out Scootersnchairs for more details and reviews.

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