Foldawheel PW 1000XL review

Foldawheel PW 1000XL Review – Is It the Ultimate Choice for You?

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Foldawheel PW 1000XL Review

The selection of foldable electric wheelchairs in the market isn’t huge, but it’s growing rapidly. That is why making a choice isn’t a simple task at all. Comparison shopping really helped me and here I’d like to share my thoughts on Foldawheel PW 1000XL as I know that many people consider it. I’m a pretty big guy thanks to being a weightlifter for many years so I’m sure that my Foldawheel PW 1000XL review will be useful to everyone who wants a model with a large capacity.

Size and Construction

This electric wheelchair is suitable for people who weigh up to 330 pounds. Its capacity is the largest that you can find in the range. In general, it can handle bigger weight, but this limit is because of the size which has to offer comfort to the user and be compact enough for folding and transportation at the same time. I am confident when I say that this model meets both criteria and I want to emphasize this in my Foldawheel PW 1000XL review.

This unit is constructed of aluminum alloy with aircraft-grade quality, meaning it is very strong and durable. Still, the thing which impressed me the most is the light weight of the electric wheelchair. It weighs just 57 pounds. The best part is that it folds super snugly without any effort. It’s ready for storage and transportation in seconds and that’s a huge plus.

Comfortable Sitting and Steering?

The seat of this electric wheelchair is 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep. It is a good fit for big people. The distance between the armrests is 19 inches so you should not feel as if your bits are sticking out. At least, I don’t. The seat height could be greater, but at 18.5 inches from the ground, it’s still suitable for tall people. The backrest is sufficiently wide and has good ergonomics, but it could offer better spinal support. This is something which I wanted to point out in my Foldawheel PW 1000XL review.

The footrest is one of the best features of this foldable wheelchair, in my opinion. It is big and comfortable and has superb non-slip surface. The armrests have good ergonomics. The joystick can be mounted at the end of either of them, depending on your needs. It comes with a connector which is easy to detach for maximum convenience.

Performance Assessment

The 10-inch rear tires and the four spring suspensions help make every ride a smooth one. The anti-tilt support ensures that you have reliable protection even when there are bumps in the road. The brushless motor of this model is very powerful and quiet at the same time. This is a great advantage to have and I want to highlight it in my Foldawheel PW 1000XL review.

Battery Life and Charging

The type of lithium-ion polymer battery which this electric wheelchair uses is capable of holding large amounts of power while being better for the environment than its counterparts. You can choose to run it on 1, 2 or 3 batteries, depending on your needs. With a single fully charged battery, this wheelchair can cover a distance of 8 miles which is worth pointing out in every Foldawheel PW 1000XL review. This is comparable to what the Drive Medical Scout scooter has to offer. The charge time is around 4 hours.

Any Negative Sides?

I personally think that the backrest should offer better lumbar support. This is what you need when you are big and tall. I have no other complaints, so to speak.

The Verdict

Does this Foldawheel PW 1000XL review recommend the model? It is well-designed and made and offers reliable performance. For more details and reviews, check out Scootersnchairs.

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