go-go lx 3 wheel travel mobility scooter with cts suspension

Go-Go Ultra X Review – Is This the Ideal Mobility Scooter for You?

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Go-Go Ultra X Review – Is This the Ideal Mobility Scooter for You?

While we all want high quality, every buyer has individual priorities when it comes to a personal mobility device. I was introduced to the Go-Go Ultra X 3-wheel scooter some time ago and it ticked a lot of the boxes on my list. But will it be the same for you? Take advantage of my Go-Go Ultra X review to find out.

Design, Capacity, and Size

This is a 3-wheel scooter, with the pointy front giving it a more aerodynamic shape. This design is perfectly suited for the busy city streets and park lanes where the crowds are usually big. The capacity of the model is standard – 260 pounds.

You may be surprised to discover that this personal mobility device is quite lightweight – just 75 pounds. At the same time, it’s easy to disassemble into five pieces for storage and transportation. Caregivers will be happy to learn that the heaviest piece weighs just 29.5 pounds. Given all this, I can say in my Go-Go Ultra X review that this scooter could be a good choice even for those who travel to different places frequently.

Does It Offer Comfort?

The stadium-style seat measuring 17 by 17 inches offers great comfort, in my opinion. It has superb ergonomics and thick padding. It has great breathability too. I appreciate the fact that the backrest can be folded for storage. The best part for me is that the seat’s height is adjustable.

The armrests are also very nice. I like their design and the level of support which they provide. Their level is adjustable and this is another advantage worth mentioning in my Go-Go Ultra X review. I’m particularly sensitive to the amount of space for the feet and I have to say that I’m satisfied with what this scooter has to offer.

How about Convenience?

I think that this electric scooter is just right for use in the city thanks to its size and design. Its ground clearance is just 2 inches. I like the basket set in the front. While I’d like it to be bigger, it’s super convenient to reach and this makes it incredibly practical. This is one of my favorite features which I wanted to highlight in my Go-Go Ultra X review.

A Reliable Performer?

The rugged flat-free wheels measuring 8 by 2.5 inches are designed to give you a smooth ride even if the terrain is somewhat rough. The motor works perfectly like it should. It is not as powerful as that of the Royals 4S PF7S power scooter, but it is completely reliable just like the brakes.

In my Go-Go Ultra X review, I want to point out that this 3-wheel scooter is effortless to steer. It’s highly responsive, so controlling the speed, turning around corners and using the brakes will always be easy, even if you are not particularly strong. The tiller is easy to adjust to match your preferences. The maximum speed of 4 mph is pretty much standard for this type of personal mobility device.

How’s the Battery?

When the battery is fully charged, the scooter can travel up to 8 miles. This makes it a good choice for those who usually take short trips. The off-board charger is easy to use and works well. You should not wait long for the battery to be ready for use once again.

Any Downsides?

I wish the top speed was a bit higher, but I guess not everyone is as keen on riding fast like me. Apart from this, I haven’t found any drawbacks in this 3-wheel scooter.


To conclude my Go-Go Ultra X review, I want to say that the scooter is fairly compact and light, very comfortable and completely dependable. Access more information and reviews by visiting Scooternchairs.

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