Heavy Duty wheelchair review KD Smart Chair

Heavy Duty Wheelchair Review – Is Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair the Best for Big People?

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Heavy Duty Wheelchair Review

Gaining greater independence from your caregivers is quite important when you have mobility issues, but this is more challenging if you are much bigger than the average. One of the solutions in this situation is using the Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair. But is it the ideal choice? As a guy who has always sat his requirements high, I evaluated this model meticulously. I will share my impressions in this heavy duty wheelchair review to help you make up your mind about it.

How Well It Bears Large Weight

The capacity of the Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair is 330 pounds. The more important question, though, is how well it will handle that weight. The body of this model is made of aluminum alloy. It is extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. These are important factors which can give the electric wheelchair a long useful life even when it carries a big person. The unit is superbly made too. You don’t have to be an expert to see how all the components fit snugly and securely together. This is something which I wanted to highlight in my heavy duty wheelchair review.

Thanks to the make, the model is very light. It weighs only 59.6 pounds and folds easily into a very compact shape. The result is easy and convenient transportation even in the trunk of a regular sedan like mine.

Does It Offer Great Comfort?

The seat measures 17 by 17 inches. It’s sufficiently deep and wide even for someone who’s very big. In this heavy duty wheelchair review, I want to point out that your legs can rest comfortably even if you are quite tall – the seat’s height is 20.25 inches from the ground. You should not expect to feel cramped in any way. The backrest offers good lumbar support, in my opinion. The footrest is strong and folds easily, but it could be bigger. The armrests are comfortable and this is a huge advantage for everyone who loves taking long rides.

Can You Expect a Smooth Ride?

The big wheels and tires contribute to a hassle-free ride – the front ones are 8 inches in diameter and the rear ones are 10 inches. The Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair has awesome maneuverability too – it’s turning radius 3.45 inches. Taking sharp corners is a breeze and this is something which I appreciate greatly about this model. In this heavy duty wheelchair review, I’d also like to mention that this model behaves excellently on slopes – it can take 15-degree ones with ease while the slope capability of the Foldawheel PW 1000XL power chair is 13 degrees.

How the Battery Affects Performance

This electric wheelchair is equipped with a lithium-ion polymer battery which can last for a ride of up to 15 miles. This is great for a compact model like this one. Depending on the number and length of the outdoor trips that you take, the battery may not need recharging for days. This process is quite quick in general. You can charge the battery at any time without worrying about the notorious memory effect.

Any Drawbacks?

The footrest of the Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair is wide enough, but not long enough to give you maximum comfort, at least in my opinion. This is the only thing that I’d change in this model and I want to highlight this fact in my heavy duty wheelchair review.

Final Thoughts

The conclusion of this heavy duty wheelchair review is that the Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair is strong, comfy and dependable. It could serve your needs properly. Seize the opportunity to learn more about this electric wheelchair.

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