LiteRider PTC Review

GP162 LiteRider PTC Review – Is This Electric Wheelchair Worth Investing In?

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I know that requirements vary considerably between electric wheelchair buyers so it’s practically impossible to have a model with a universal appeal. Still, my market search showed that GP162 LiteRider PTC comes close. Could it be right for you, however? Read my detailed review LiteRider PTC review to find out.

Is It Light?

When the unit is fully assembled, it weighs 120 pounds. This makes it much lighter than many of its rivals, especially given that it has a stadium-style seat which is heavily padded. The wheelchair can be fully disassembled into four pieces with the heaviest one weighing 35 pounds. This means that the caregiver will not have to put much physical effort into loading and unloading. Generally, both the assembly and disassembly are easy and quick tasks. This is something which every LiteRider PTC review should point out. With a capacity of 300 pounds, this model is suitable even for taller and heavier people.

Comfort Assessment

The seat isn’t exactly comparable to an executive chair, but it is truly comfortable. The heavy padding and the adjustable height are sufficient to make every user happy. The backrest, which is also padded, offers great support. It has a superb ergonomic design even though this may not be very obvious when you look at the wheelchair.

The armrests flip up effortlessly to make mounting the wheelchair quick and hassle-free. This is an important advantage which I wanted to mention in my LiteRider PTC review. The footrest seems reliable. I like the basket of this model very much. Even though it doesn’t offer a huge amount of space because of the batteries, it’s very practical.

Reliable Performance?

The 9-inch drive wheels, which are quite rugged, get power without interruption. You can expect a smooth and comfortable ride no matter whether you are at home or outside. The electro-mechanical brakes work reliably. You will also appreciate the electronic speed control and the stable steering. The joystick, which can be mounted on your preferred side of the wheelchair, is very responsive, but not way too sensitive. It makes steering easy and this is the most important thing of all.

The maximum speed of this model is 3.5 miles per hour. While this number may not seem very impressive, the turning radius is and I want to highlight this in my LiteRider PTC review. It is just 26 inches so you should not worry about turning. It will be easy and you will enjoy maximum stability while going around corners. In general, the turning radius of this model is comparable to what the Pride Go-Chair travel power wheelchair has to offer.

How about Range?

I was more than happy when I found out what it was 15.5 miles when the batteries are fully charged. This is a very large range for such a small electric wheelchair. I can safely say in my LiteRider PTC review that the batteries are quite reliable. They don’t take too long to charge and seem to be made to last.

Any Drawbacks?

I’m not particularly fond of the footrest’s design and with the trapezoid shape, in particular. I think that there should be more space for the heels. This would give the user added stability and comfort. I have not found other issues, small or big, with this electric wheelchair.

Should You Buy It?

This GP162 LiteRider PTC review finds the electric wheelchair to be functional, dependable and very comfortable. It works perfectly while being easy to assemble and to take apart when needed. It is a good choice overall. Visit Scooternchairs for more information and reviews.

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