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LiteRider Wheelchair Review – How Good Is the Envy GP162 Electric Travel Powerchair?

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It’s natural to check out as many options as possible when shopping for a power wheelchair. LiteRider is among the leading manufacturers so I focused on their models quite extensively. My top pick was Envy GP162. Use my detailed LiteRider wheelchair review to find out if it could be right for you.

LiteRider Design and Make

This wheelchair is suitable for users whose weight is up to 300 pounds. It is based on a tubular metal frame which is quite strong and light at the same time. The seat and the motor are the heaviest components of the unit. The base dis-assembles into two pieces and there are another two formed by the top section. The heaviest piece weighs 35 pounds so it’s easy to load the dis-assembled wheelchair into the car trunk and to unload it upon arrival.

Even though this model weighs 116 pounds in total, it is perfectly suitable for travel and I feel that I should highlight this in my LiteRider wheelchair review. Generally, this weight is comparable to that of the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus folding power model.

Comfortable Sitting and Support?

You can expect both with models from this brand and Envy GP162 is not an exception. The seat is heavily padded and this makes it quite comfy, even though it is not the largest which you can find with its 17-inch width and 16-inch depth. Still, it is perfectly suited to accommodate a taller and heavier person like me. The seat is adjustable so you should never worry about its height – it will be exactly to your liking. The backrest is ergonomic and has thick padding too. The padded armrests are nice although I prefer wider ones. The footrest is made of plastic.

How Well Does LiteRider Wheelchair Perform?

I find this power wheelchair to be an excellent performer. The motor works smoothly without any notable hitches. It delivers power to the 9-inch rear wheels which have tires capable of performing well even on a surface which isn’t smooth at all. The front swivel wheels make this unit quite maneuverable. It turns around corners with ease and with the level of stability that every user requires. In fact, the turning radius is 26 inches which is superb.

The maximum speed of the Envy GP162 is 3.5 miles per hour while its maximum incline rating is 6 degrees. The reality is that you don’t need more to go around town and enjoy leisurely outings in the park. The joystick has the optimal level of sensitivity which is a major advantage worth mentioning in my LiteRider wheelchair review. It’s a breeze to use in every respect.

Is the Battery Reliable?

The battery life of this power wheelchair is more than impressive. When the battery is fully charged, you can cover a distance of up to 15.5 miles until it dies. This is something which very few other models can give you and I want to point this out in my LiteRider wheelchair review.

How about the Negatives?

The footrest could be wider to offer greater stability, safety, and comfort to the person sitting in the wheelchair. This isn’t a major issue, but I feel obliged to mention it in my LiteRider wheelchair review. Other than this, I find the unit to be quite practical and dependable.

Final Thoughts

What’s the conclusion of this LiteRider wheelchair review? This model offers great value for money above all. It is functional and suitable for outdoor use and for travel. It offers comfort and performs dependably while being easy to operate. Visit Scooternchairs for more information and reviews.


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