Medical Scooter Review

MobileCare Travel Medical Scooter Review – Can this Model Meet Your Requirements?

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While I was shopping around, I came across the MobileCare portable power wheelchair and it made an impression on me. This medical scooter stands out with its classic design, but there is more to it. Could it be the right choice for you? Read my medical scooter review to find the answer to this question yourself.

Light and Sturdy?

The capacity of this scooter is 220 pounds so it could easily match the needs of any person with average weight and height or slightly above average for that matter. The aluminum construction is one of the things which I like the most about this model. It makes the wheelchair very light – just 72.8 pounds.

This is a lot less than what many models weigh and quite close to the lightest ones in the market right now. At the same time, aluminum is extremely strong and resistant to corrosion. Given this, you can expect this model to be there for you for a long time to come and I’d like to highlight this in my medical scooter review. Additionally, it folds easily for storage and transportation.

Is It Comfy?

The seat, which is 18 inches wide, and the backrest are very well-designed and made of strong fabric materials. They give the user the required support. The cushions for the seat and the backrest make you feel quite comfortable even on longer trips. They can be easily removed for washing and storage.

There are two separate footrests which make mounting the scooter easier and quicker. They can be bound together during the trip for maximum support and protection. The handrails are removable for even more convenient access and this is something worth highlighting in every MobileCare medical scooter review. They feature padded armrests which provide sufficient support. If I have to evaluate the level of comfort that this model offers, I have to say that it’s quite good, but it’s hard to compare to what the captain seat of Invacare Pronto P31 has to offer.

Does It Run Well?

Simply put, yes. The motor works smoothly and delivers power to the extra-large rear wheels, which provide stability, without interruption. It is worth noting that you can easily switch between electric and manual operation. In the first case, you will be able to use an electric brake while in the second one, you will have to rely on a manual braking system. They both perform superbly which is worth emphasizing in my medical scooter review.

The maximum speed of 3.7 miles per hour is great and so is the turning radius of 30 inches. You can expect this medical scooter to run well on indoor and paved surfaces and to turn swiftly. You will find the controls to be quite simple to use. They are all at your fingertips. The joystick doesn’t require any effort to move. It has very good responsiveness.

Battery Life Evaluated

When the battery is fully charged, you can cover a distance of up to 12 miles before it dies out. This is a great achievement for such a compact power wheelchair and I want to highlight this in my medical scooter review. You should not expect to have memory issues or any other problems with the lithium-ion battery. It doesn’t take a very long time to get fully charged – just six hours.

How about Drawbacks?

I personally prefer more ergonomic armrests, but these do a fine job. This is the only thing which I don’t like about the model. Everything else is just as it should be.

Final Thoughts

What’s the verdict of this medical scooter review? The model is light and sturdy. It offers sufficient comfort and runs smoothly. Check out Scooternchairs for more information and reviews.

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