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Mobility Scooter Reviews of 3 Highly Popular Models

When looking for a mobility scooter, the first thing which you need to do is to outline your requirements. The next step is to compare different models that meet them. The best way to do this is to read all the mobility scooter reviews that you can find carefully. Here I will review three of the most popular models which you can buy right now. They are quite different from one another and I believe there is something for everyone in my top-3 list. Let’s get down to business now.

Mobility scooter reviews Drive Medical

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This heavy duty model has a capacity of 350 pounds and this is the first thing which I wanted to mention in this one of my mobility scooter reviews. It’s suitable even for taller and heavier folks like myself. It is designed primarily for outdoor use, but you can also ride it indoors, provided that there is sufficient clearance for this model which is 22.5 inches wide and 41.5 inches long.

Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 could be a good choice for those traveling a lot too. The caregiver and possibly even the user can disassemble it into 4 pieces, with the heaviest one weighing 46 pounds. The individual pieces can be packed compactly for transportation in the trunk of a car.

Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter mobility scooter reviews featuresFeatures

This personal mobility device has a number of important features deserving your attention:

Stadium seat – I’m more than happy with its width and depth, but after all, this is a heavy duty model. It’s easy to adjust the height for maximum comfort. The seat has fabulous ergonomics enabling it to offer great lumbar support. The thick padding makes you feel even more comfortable.

Width-adjustable armrests – You will never feel cramped when seated which is fantastic news. The armrests provide perfect support, minimizing the fatigue when you are steering the scooter.

Finger-pull throttle control – It enables you to operate the scooter comfortably and with confidence even if you are not particularly strong or dexterous.

Adjustable tiller – You can play with it to determine the optimal height and position for you.

Headlight – This feature is still not standard, so I always pay attention to it in my mobility scooter reviews. This model’s headlight is bright and reliable.

Carry basket – I love that it’s easy to reach when you are seated. While it isn’t particularly wide, it’s quite deep, so it can accommodate quite a lot of stuff.

Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter mobility scooter reviews performancePerformance

The 350-watt motor and anti-tip wheels with flat-free tires guarantee a smooth ride every time. Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 performs great on paved surfaces, so you can go around town with it and enjoy outings in the park too. Steering is easy, while the electromagnetic braking system is more than dependable. Because of the 4-wheel design, you will have added stability. You can reach a top speed of 4 mph when riding this personal mobility device and while it doesn’t seem very high, it’s more than sufficient for outings around the neighborhood.

In my mobility scooter reviews, I always pay close attention to the battery performance. With this model, you can travel a distance of up to 15 miles when the 12V x 20AH batteries are fully charged and this is fantastic for such a small unit. They are quite reliable and quick to charge. You can easily do this via the tiller.


  • Quite comfortable
  • Easy to transport
  • Excellent control
  • Dependable performance
  • Practical storage


  • The battery indicator could be bigger.

Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty Scooter mobility scooter reviews verdictThe Verdict

Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 is a versatile personal mobility device which gives you a comfortable and smooth ride every time. Keep this in mind when reading other mobility scooter reviews.

2. Victory Sport 4-Wheel Electric BLUE Scooter Pride SC710 DXW + Accessories

Mobility scooter reviews Victory Sport

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This personal mobility device has a capacity of 350 pounds and this puts it in the heavy-duty category. The 4-wheel design is another important thing to note as it provides for even greater stability. This model is for outdoor use and while it is not among the largest measuring 51 by 26 inches, it’s sufficiently big to require its own parking space inside the garage. This is worth mentioning in all mobility scooter reviews.
The Victory Sport 4-wheel scooter can be disassembled for storage and transportation, with the heaviest piece weighing 68 pounds. While it’s great that you can take the pieces apart and arrange them in the most compact way, you should confirm that they can fit into the trunk of your car.

Victory Sport 4-Wheel Electric BLUE Scooter Pride SC710 DXW + Accessories mobility scooter reviews featuresFeatures

All Victory Sport 4-wheel mobility scooter reviews should evaluate the following features:

Captain seat -You can easily adjust its height to match your needs. What I like the most about it is the ergonomic design which will make you feel comfortable no matter how long the ride is. The viscoelastic foam padding helps immensely for this too. The headrest does a fantastic job with providing head support.

Tiller with wraparound handles – You can easily adjust it to match your height, so that you have a firmer grip of the handles when operating the scooter. The handles’ wraparound design helps to reduce fatigue, especially in the wrists and this is a great plus, I believe.

LED lighting – It gives you high visibility when it’s dark outside. You can ride your personal mobility device safely at all times and this is something which should be highlighted in all Victory Sport mobility scooter reviews.

Storage basket – I appreciate that it’s a bit larger than what you’d find in most other models. It’s conveniently positioned and this makes it ideal for keeping personal items inside.

Accessory set – It includes a metal basket designed to be attached to the back of the seat and a bottle holder, among other items. All of the included accessories are practical and will give you greater convenience on every outing.

Victory Sport 4-Wheel Electric BLUE Scooter Pride SC710 DXW + Accessories mobility scooter reviews performancePerformance

Thanks to its powerful engine, this personal mobility device can reach a top speed of 8 mph which is much higher than what you’d expect from a model in its category. The 10-inch wheels and the rear single and double front suspension will give you a smooth ride even if the terrain is a bit rough. You can ride this scooter even on gravel and grass. In my mobility scooter reviews, I always evaluate steering and I have to say that it’s super easy with this Victory Sport model.

You can expect the 2 40AH batteries to work reliably and to have a long useful life. When they are fully charged, you can cover an 11-mile distance before they die out. This travel range isn’t the largest, but it’s sufficient for city dwellers, in my opinion.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great speed
  • Super easy operation
  • Excellent performance on various terrains
  • Awesome storage


  • More room for the feet would be nice to have.

Victory Sport 4-Wheel Electric BLUE Scooter Pride SC710 DXW + Accessories mobility scooter reviews verdictThe Verdict

This Victory Sport 4-wheel stands out primarily with how comfortable the seat is. It’s also a fabulous performer. These are the key factors all mobility scooter reviews should highlight.

3. EW 36 Mobility scooter

Mobility scooter reviews EW 36

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If you want a mobility scooter that looks like a classic model rather than a personal mobility device, EW 36 may be just what you need. Still, since it isn’t wise to make up your mind before reading mobility scooter reviews, you should go ahead and read the rest. The model’s weight capacity is 350 pounds making it a suitable choice even for bigger users. It’s pretty big and cannot be disassembled, meaning you need a parking space for it. The good news is that it comes fully assembled and therefore ready for use.

Another key thing I want to focus on is the 3-wheel design. It’s great when you have to navigate through the busy streets or pathways in the park. It also gives you better maneuverability. You will find taking turns to be a simple and pleasant part of the riding experience.

EW 36 Mobility scooter mobility scooter reviews featuresFeatures

EW 36 has a number of key features to offer and you should assess them carefully like I do here:

Seat with armrests and headrest – While you can’t adjust the seat’s height, I appreciate the fact that there is much less vibration when it’s attached to the base. I love this seat’s ergonomics and extra thick padding. The reclining backrest is the cherry on the cake.

Complete set of lights and rearview mirrors – You will have the highest level of safety when riding this scooter outside.

Anti-theft system with alarm – It’s fantastic to have a higher level of security, given how expensive modern personal mobility devices are. This is something which should be emphasized in all mobility scooter reviews.

3 storage compartments – The rear basket is ideal for groceries, while you can keep more valuable personal items in the glove compartment which features a lock. The storage compartment under the seat can also be locked.

EW 36 Mobility scooter mobility scooter reviews performancePerformance

I’ve written many mobility scooter reviews and I have to admit that EW 36’s performance features make it stand out in many ways. The brushless electric motor is powerful, reliable and requires no maintenance. It enables you to reach a top speed of 18 mph which is simply amazing. What’s more, the twist throttle gives you the opportunity to change the speed as you like.

The 16-inch wheels with air-filled tires and the rear shock absorption will give you the smoothest ride on virtually any terrain. You’re sure to love the electric brake assist system like I did. There is a parking brake and reverse switch giving you maximum flexibility and safety.

The 4 dependable 12V AH batteries enable you to travel a total distance of up to 45 miles before they require recharging. This is times more than what you’ll get with other models and something worth noting in all EW 36 mobility scooter reviews.


  • Fantastic travel range
  • Very fast
  • Super comfortable
  • Lots of storage space
  • Comes fully assembled


  • The armrests could be wider.

EW 36 Mobility scooter mobility scooter reviews verdictThe Verdict

EW 36 could be the ideal personal mobility device for those who want to cover great distances every day and feel the wind in their face.

Making a Choice Based on the Mobility Scooter Reviews

To make up your mind, consider your lifestyle first. How often do you go out? Do you want to cover great distances? Your personal level of mobility is also a factor that will help you take a decision after reading these mobility scooter reviews.

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