How Good Is the BuzzAround Extreme Scooter? Detailed Motorized Scooter Review

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How Good Is the BuzzAround Extreme Scooter? Detailed Motorized Scooter Review

While a travel scooter isn’t as compact and light as most electric wheelchairs, it could be the ideal choice for outings. As a person who loves nature and wants to spend as much time outdoor as possible, I was immediately attracted to the BuzzAround Extreme – one of the latest scooters of Golden Technologies. Now that I know more about this model designed for more extreme settings, I’m ready to review it. Read my motorized scooter review now.

Construction and Capacity

This is a 4-wheel scooter. This design gives it more stability in comparison with the classic 3-wheel models. The unit has a metal frame and a plastic body. I find it to be quite sturdy. One of the things which I like the most is the capacity of 330 pounds which is slightly greater than that of Shoprider Sunrunner. This makes a tall and not particularly slim person like me feel completely at ease about using it.

While the scooter isn’t particularly compact and light, it can be disassembled for transportation quickly and easily. The heaviest piece weighs 53 pounds, so loading and unloading won’t require a great amount of physical effort. This is something I wanted to point out in my motorized scooter review.

Comfortable Rides?

I find the stadium-style seat of the BuzzAround Extreme to be extremely comfortable. It is sufficiently deep and wide even for a big person. The cushion is very thick and so is the padding of the backrest. I appreciate the breathability and the easy cleaning too. The seat’s height is easy to adjust depending on your height and this is another big plus of this model.

The armrests offer optimal comfort and support, in my opinion. They are very easy to flip. My favorite thing, however, is the large size of the footrest. In my motorized scooter review, I want to say that there is plenty of room for my feet and I never feel cramped.

Practical Feature Evaluation

I like both the size and the position of the basket. I can keep a small grocery purchase in it plus some essentials. The best part is that everything is at hand all the time. Another thing which I appreciate is how easy it is to adjust the height of the controller. The bars on its side enable you to lean forward and get support.

Performance on the Road

The front and rear suspension and the 9-inch wheels enable the BuzzAround Extreme scooter to run dependably even when the terrain is covered with dirt or gravel. You will enjoy complete stability and perfect control. This small personal mobility device is quite maneuverable. Its turning radius is 56 inches.

The motor and brakes have never failed me. The top speed is 5 mph which is about as high as it can get. You can ride this mobility device even after dark thanks to the bright LED headlight and taillight. Steering is a breeze. It’s simple and effortless which is surely good news for readers of this motorized scooter review who plan to buy their first-ever personal mobility device.

Battery Reliability

This model uses two U-1 batteries which give it a maximum travel range of 18 miles when they are fully charged. This is a great achievement for a scooter. You can readily get longer outings with it. The charging time is reasonable.

How about Downsides?

If the armrests were slightly wider, this scooter would be even more perfect. I haven’t found any other negative thing about the model. This is something I’d like to highlight in my motorized scooter review.

Final Thoughts

The BuzzAround Extreme is great for travel. It offers comfort, stability, and safety. It has useful features and sturdy construction. To make a final decision after reading my motorized scooter review, visit Scooternchairs for more information and reviews.

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