Personal Mobility Device Review

EZ Lite Cruiser WX10 Personal Mobility Device Review – Will You Get Light and Comfy Travel?

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You want a power wheelchair which gives you comfort while being easy to transport around for outdoor use. While I was searching for such a model, I came across EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe Wide WX10 and it grabbed my attention right away. Now many people are asking me to share my impressions. This is how I decided to write this EZ Lite Cruiser WX10 personal mobility device review. Use it to make up your mind about this model.


Is It Convenient?

With a weight of 60 pounds, this model is indeed one of the lightest which you will find in the market. At the same time, it has a capacity of 305 pounds so it is perfectly comparable to its much heavier counterparts. Additionally, the power wheelchair has a very strong metal structure which is comparable to that of the latest Motorized chair stair climber. This is what you’d expect from a durable and reliable model.

One of the things which I feel obliged to mention in my personal mobility device review is that the unit folds very compactly without any effort on the part of the user or caregiver. When we add its light weight to the equation, it can easily fit in the trunk of a family car. You don’t have to get a special lift or trailer.

How about Support and Comfort?

The seat is sufficiently wide and deep even for taller people like me. I like the fact that it is padded and that the upholstery is breathable. Generally, the seat and seat cover are removable and washable.
While the backrest could use some extra padding, it has good ergonomics and can be set into five different positions so you can expect it to offer proper lumbar support and great comfort. I’m a huge fan of the armrests of this model and I’d like to point this out in my EZ Lite Cruiser WX10 personal mobility device review. The footrest helps to give the user perfect support while riding the wheelchair.

Does It Operate Well?

This power wheelchair pulls off a great performance. All electric components, from the motor to the brake system, work exactly as they should. Both the drive wheels and the front swivel ones have big tires so you can ride this wheelchair even outside. They are important for the device’s stability and maneuverability. The turning radius of 33 inches is sufficiently small to make turning a quick and safe affair. This is something which every WX10 personal mobility device review should highlight. Steering is a breeze thanks to the responsive joystick and the simple control buttons.

Is the Battery Reliable?

This EZ Lite Cruiser model is equipped with a LiFePO4 lithium battery which is known for being dependable and durable. You should not expect any issues like memory or slow charging. When the battery is fully charged, you will be able to travel up to 10 miles before it dies out. This is a very good riding range for such a compact and light unit. In this personal mobility device review, I’d like to add that you can double it by adding a second battery which is available separately.

Notable Downsides?

I think that the footrest could have a better design. It could be wider and longer. It would be awesome if it had a surface preventing slipping and perhaps some support around the heels. Other than this, the electric wheelchair is great.


The verdict of this EZ Lite Cruiser WX10 personal mobility device review is that the unit is exceptionally easy to fold, to store and to transport. It offers sufficient comfort and support and works effectively while being strong and durable. Access more information and reviews on Scooternchairs.


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