Giantex Lightweight Heavy Duty Aluminum Portable Wheelchair Review – Is this Foldable Model for You?

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When you plan to buy a power wheelchair, the list of requirements goes on and on and some of them seem to be contradicting each other. While I was shopping, I often got bewildered, but then I discovered that I could strike a balance. My choice was the Giantex lightweight heavy duty aluminum foldable wheelchair. Will it match your personal needs and requirements? Read my portable wheelchair review to find out.

Capacity and Make

This model is designed for people weighing up to 330 lbs. This is slightly more than what most competitors have to offer and comparable to the capacity of the EZ Lite Cruiser heavy duty deluxe model. Even if you are big like me, you should not expect this wheelchair to fail you.

The heavy-duty aluminum construction explains the large capacity of this Giantex model. The metal is lightweight and extremely strong at the same time. It doesn’t rust and corrode. The welding appears to be impeccable and I can say the same about the elements connected with bolts. In my opinion, this model is very durable and I want to emphasize this in my portable wheelchair review.

User Comfort and Safety

The seat is sufficiently wide and deep even for heavier and taller people. It is 19.5 inches above the floor. The backrest is ergonomic. They are both padded which naturally creates extra comfort for the user. The padding can be removed easily. The fabric upholstery is breathable and highly resistant to wear. The adjustable chest strap is a practical feature to have. It is important for both the comfort and safety of some users.

The armrests are also padded and this is a great advantage worth highlighting in this portable wheelchair review. They are adjustable for maximum comfort. The footrest is big and has an anti-slip surface which is important for every user.

Performance and Battery Life

How well does this Giantex foldable wheelchair work? The motor operates reliably to send power to the rear wheels which are 8 inches wide and have rugged tires. The front swivel ones give the model great maneuverability. You can expect a smooth ride even if the terrain is not particularly flat as the maximum grade is 12 degrees. This is double compared to what most models have to offer. The maximum speed at which this wheelchair can reach is 4 mph. This is not a lot, but it is sufficient for both indoor use and outdoor use in the city.

This unit is equipped with a lithium-ion battery. I’d like to point out in my portable wheelchair review that it is quite dependable. The maximum range when the battery is fully charged is 12 miles. This is quite good. It takes around 7 hours for the battery to get fully charged. The wheelchair will always be ready for the day ahead when you plug it into the charger in the evening.

Portability Assessment

This Giantex wheelchair is quite lightweight – just 55 pounds. It also folds compactly without any hassle or effort. When folded, it measures 24 by 11 by 31 inches. Given all this, it’s easy to fit the folded wheelchair in the trunk of any family car. The lightweight makes loading and unloading the unit quick.

Any Drawbacks?

While the armrests are nicely padded, I wish they were wider. This would make them even more comfortable. Apart from this, I haven’t noticed any downside of this model and I want to point this out in this portable wheelchair review.


Should you buy the Giantex lightweight foldable model after reading this portable wheelchair review? The unit is strong, comfortable, reliable and durable. It operates smoothly too. Access more details and reviews on Scootersnchairs.


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