Self-Propelled Wheelchair Review Karman XO-202

Karman XO-202 Self-Propelled Power Wheelchair Review – Does It Give You High Flexibility?

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Self Propelled Wheelchair Review

Modern wheelchairs are becoming even more advanced and I’m doing my best to keep up with the latest trends. This is how I discovered the Karman XO-202 power wheelchair which works as a standup chair too. In this self-propelled wheelchair review, I will evaluate the model in detail based on my findings.

Sturdy Design?

This innovative personal mobility device has a frame made of aircraft-grade aluminum. As a result, it is quite strong and resistant to all kinds of damage, while being fairly light given its motor and complex mechanics. Karman XO-202 weighs 160 pounds. The model’s capacity is 250 pounds. This makes it suitable for the majority of users.

Is It Comfortable?

The maximum available seat width is 18 inches, while the maximum depth is 20 inches. This size is sufficient to create comfort even for bigger people. My favorite thing about the wheelchair, however, is the memory foam cushioning of the seat and the backrest. It’s between 2 and 3 inches thick. You will enjoy perfect comfort and support thanks to it, in my opinion. This is a huge benefit which I feel obliged to mention in this self-propelled wheelchair review. The nylon upholstery is breathable and easy to clean and these are also major advantages worth your attention.

The concaved armrests which flip back provide excellent support and comfort too. I appreciate the fact that you can adjust both the height and the angle of the footrest. It’s important to get solid support, especially when you are attempting to stand up.

The Karman XO-202 comes with a full support system. It includes full chest support, safety belt, ergonomic knee support and leg strap. All features of the system are reliable and give you the highest level of protection, support, and comfort. I wanted to highlight this in my self-propelled wheelchair review.

Travel Function

The 14-inch rear wheels and the 8-inch front casters are sturdy and flat-free. They enable the wheelchair to run well even when the surface is far from smooth. The motor, transmission, and brakes work flawlessly. This wheelchair has super maneuverability with the turning radius being just 25 inches. I love the fact that the maximum speed is 5 miles, making the model one of the fastest around.

Standing Function

The Karman XO-202 is exceptionally stable when the standing function is in use. You should not worry about the wheels slipping. The best part is that you can control the process completely without any effort. This enables you to take things slowly – a huge advantage which I’d like to emphasize on in my self-propelled wheelchair review.

Reliable Battery?

This power and standup wheelchair has one of the best batteries on the market. The maximum travel range is 25 miles which is two times greater than the average for electric personal mobility devices. I was more than impressed by this figure when I first saw it. The battery gets charged quickly, so you will be ready for more adventures in little time. It has a fairly long estimated useful life. This is also something which you should consider when making a decision on the model after reading this self-propelled wheelchair review.

Any Disadvantages?

I wish this model has a backrest to provide additional support when the user stands up. The Karman XO-505 has this feature. Apart from this, I like everything about this innovative wheelchair.


Should you buy the Karman XO-202 after reading this Karman XO-202 self-propelled power wheelchair review? It’s sturdy, comfortable and reliable. It can give you the independence that you require and help you to improve your physical condition. In many ways, it is superior compared to its major competitors. For more information and reviews, check out Scootersnchairs now.

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