Stair Climber Review

Motorized Chair Stair Climber Review – Is It Practical and Reliable?

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Whether you live in a two-story home or have to go up and down the stairs in a building that you visit frequently, you will need a stair climber. My research on these devices showed that there is a variety of model and making a choice wasn’t a simple task. A friend of mine had tried this motorized unit and recommended it strongly so I was confident in my choice. Use my Motorized chair stair climber review to make up your mind about this model.

Capacity and Make

With its capacity of 500 pounds, this model clearly stands out. As a big guy, I naturally appreciate this quite a lot. The metal frame construction truly gives me peace of mind. It appears to be very strong and durable. I can say the same about the metal connections and bolts too. In my opinion, this model is made to last for a very long time and I want to highlight this in my stair climber review.

Notable Features

I’m impressed with the front swivel wheels and with the rear ones which are bigger than the average. They make the motorized chair easy to maneuver even in tighter areas. This is of huge benefit to caregivers. I can say the same thing about the ergonomic handles. Generally, the high maneuverability is the reason why I like the GL110 Golden LiteRider 3-wheels electric scooter.

The rubber track of this model can handle all kinds of stairs – including carpeted ones – with ease. The button controls are truly intuitive to use. There is no way to get it wrong and this is something worth noting in this stair climber review. The locking hinge mechanism keeps the chair firmly in place. The electronic brake and speed control work reliably to give caregivers complete confidence when operating the stair climber. Thanks to them, users can expect the highest level of safety.

Overall Performance

The motor is extremely powerful and electronically controlled so you should not expect any mishaps in performance. The power is delivered smoothly to the track via the direct drive transmission. As a result, the motorized chair does all the work and the caregiver simply controls it without bearing any of the weight. The unit works smoothly and this is the key thing which I want to highlight in this stair climber review. Additionally, I’d like to point out that caregivers don’t require special skills to operate it.

The lithium-ion battery is more than reliable. It enables the unit to climb up to 100 flights of stairs upon a single charge. It is removable and easy to replace when it expires which should not happen quickly.

User Comfort

You can expect to be comfortable and safe when sitting on the chair. It is basic, but the seat and backrest are well-designed and offer the required support. The straps are strong and will hold you securely in one place. The extended footrest makes the chair even more stable.

Any Downsides?

I’m not particularly fond of the yellow color, but I understand that this makes the unit clearly visible to other people using the stairs. I’m happy with the fact that the paint doesn’t peel or anything. Apart from simple cleaning, this unit doesn’t require special maintenance and I’d like to highlight this in my stair climber review.


What’s the verdict of this motorized chair stair climber review? The unit is sturdy and reliable. Thanks to the powerful motor and the well-built transmission and tracks, it performs superbly. You can expect excellent performance over the long term too. For more details and reviews, check out Scootersnchairs.

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