Wheel Power Chair Review

Wheel Power Chair Review – Should You Use the Upgraded Compact Mid-Wheel Model?

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Finding the right wheel power chair is always a challenge because you have to find the perfect balance between comfort, performance and convenience. After a long search, I came across the CTM Upgraded Compact Mid-Wheel Power Chair and I liked it. Since I know how important it is for you to decide on it, I’m sharing my wheel power chair review here. Hopefully, it will help you make the best choice.

Build and Capacity

The chassis is made of metal while the central base is made of plastic. This is a good combination, in my opinion. I find the unit to be quite strong and reliable in general. It has excellent stability too. The upgraded mid wheels are very big – 10 inches in diameter, and have great width too. The front and rear casters are 6 inches in diameter. They are quite sturdy as well. I think that this CTM model is built to last and I want to emphasize this in my wheel power chair review. Its capacity is 300 pounds, meaning it can handle even a very big user.

Is this Wheel Power Chair Comfy?

The great comfort which this wheel power chair offers is one of its biggest advantages. The chair resembles an executive one in a big office. The seat is 19 inches wide which is something that you cannot get with every model, especially the compact ones. The ergonomic backrest is also extra wide. Both have thick pudding which gives you an amazing feeling when you sit down.

The headrest is ergonomically designed and provides dependable support and great comfort. It’s one of the most impressive features of this CTM model which I feel obliged to mention in this wheel power chair review. The armrests are padded and open easily. The footrest is extended and this brings extra comfort. It can be adjusted into three different positions. I think that this gives the wheel power chair even greater versatility.

Ease of Use

While this model isn’t foldable like the Drive Medical Cirrus Plus folding power wheelchair, it is quite convenient to use, especially indoors. It doesn’t take a whole lot of space and can go through narrower traffic areas with ease. The user operates the power chair via a joystick which is mounted on his/her preferred side. This is something standard, but very useful to have. The control operates very smoothly so it’s easy to maneuver the chair. You should not expect to put a lot of effort or time into this.

How about Performance?

This CTM model pulls off a great performance. The motor is powerful and highly responsive. It sends power to the middle wheels with precision so you will enjoy a nice ride even on rougher surfaces. You can expect good battery life and quick charging. I’m confident when I say in this wheel power chair review that the unit is a reliable performer.

Any Negative Sides?

While I appreciate the extension and adjustability of the footrest, I still believe that it should be bigger and, more specifically, that there should be more room for the heels. This results in added stability and safety during every ride. Apart from this, I have no complaints whatsoever and I want to point this out in my wheel power chair review.

The Verdict

The high level of comfort is the major advantage of this CTM model followed by the smooth performance and easy operation. The unit is quite sturdy and durable and this is something very important too. It’s up to you to decide whether to buy it after reading this wheel power chair review. Visit Scooternchairs for more information and reviews.

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